Simple and Easy Spring Cleaning Ideas for Your Home

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Simple and Easy Spring Cleaning Ideas for Your Home

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Simple and Easy Spring Cleaning Ideas for Your Home
Homemaker’s Edition

Ah, spring, one of my favourite seasons where it’s not too hot and not too cold. The flowers are blooming and the sun is appearing more and more as each day passes. It’s time to pull out all the spring decor and say goodbye to fuzzy blankets and winter clothes. There is floral everywhere. Everywhere! You can’t escape it. Baskets, wreaths, and fresh ones in vases. But before you get fully invested into decorating the house in as many spring and floral pieces as you can possibly fit into your home, there’s one thing that is a must after a long, cold winter: Spring Cleaning. Lucky for you, I came up with a few simple and easy spring cleaning ideas to get your home spring ready!

I know you don’t want to hear that. Who really finds joy in cleaning, especially if you have to do it everyday, and now you have to do even more?! But is it not a lovely thought, knowing your whole house can be cleaned out, and have a fresh start to the spring and summer season? I’ll be honest, now that I have my own home, I’m kind of a little excited to do a full clean out and reorganize everything, just as when I first moved in. Since this is my first spring cleaning in my new home, I came up with 3 categories  of easy spring cleaning ideas, that may be spread out and arranged in anyway that works with your schedule.

Simple and Easy Spring Cleaning Ideas for Your Home


This is the time to do a huge decluttering! Go through all of yours and other family members closets and dressers. Start sorting out what you will keep, sell, donate, or pack away. This will free up space for new clothing, and you won’t have random winter pieces sitting around. You can then put everything you decide to keep back into the closet or dresser, and organize as you go. No more mixing t-shirts with pants or hanging cardigans with dresses.

Go through all your decor, and pick what you truly want to keep. All that holiday and seasonal decor hiding in your closet, go through it all and organize everything accordingly, so it will be easy to grab when the time comes. For everyday decor, try and keep those pieces that you may use year round.

Be sure to sort and organize papers, as well. Receipts, documents, bills, work related papers, whatever it may be. See what is important and what you can discard. Come up with an organization system that works for you.

If you want to go even further, go through all the drawers in the house. You know what I’m talking about. The ones filled with elastic bands, batteries, pens, nails and screws, photos, and random electronic wires. Sort through it all and only keep what you think you will truly need. Other things to sort through are bed sheets, duplicate kitchen supplies, notebooks, pill bottles, cosmetics, and anything else you have been wanting to declutter.

Go Room to Room

Now that you’ve gone through the physical items, it’s time to clean the space. Go to each room in the house and thoroughly clean each one. Dust the blinds. Wash the curtains. Vacuum under the bed and in every corner, then mop the floor till it is almost sparkling. Scrub the baseboards and any marks on the wall. Scrub that bathtub, sink, and toilet bowl till they are white. Wipe down all the furniture. If you want, rearrange the furniture and the decor, too. It will change up the room and make it look even more refreshed. I did this in my guest room, and looks 100 percent better just from moving the bed and wardrobe.

Simple and Easy Spring Cleaning Ideas for Your Home:

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Appliances, Cupboards, Pantry

This is the part that every homemaker most likely dreads. The kitchen. We spend half our day in here, so of course it’s the one room in the house that needs the deepest clean out and organization.

Firstly, clear out the fridge, wash and wipe down every drawer and shelf, and then put everything back, organizing as you go. Do the same for the cupboards and the pantry. If you have the time and think it may benefit you, write down everything you have in the pantry and what you are missing. This way, you can keep track of all the food you have and won’t overbuy certain items. I do this often, so I’ll most likely take my own advice and do this.

Scrub the stove from all burnt marks and oil stains. Also, be sure to clean the overhead fan and all the pieces with it. I recently cleaned mine and it was covered in dust and oil grease. Yuck! It didn’t realize it was something that needed to be cleaned out. I don’t recall my previous overhead fan having any of these pieces. It took a lot of soap and hot water, scrubbing, and even the dishwasher to clean it all. I have a suspicion it wasn’t cleaned for years from the previous tenants. But now that I know about it, I’ll be cleaning it at least monthly. Clean the inside of the oven, too, scrubbing any fallen food particles and burnt bits.

Hopefully, by the end of all that spring cleaning, you will be elated that your entire house has a fresh start, and you can go into the warmer seasons feeling a little lighter and more free. I’ve already started my spring cleaning, with only a few more rooms to go. Are you excited to start your spring cleaning? I’d love to hear if you have any routines or advice when it comes to your way of spring cleaning.

Simple and Easy Spring Cleaning Ideas for Your Home: Homemaker’s Edition

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