8 Easy Ways to Pamper Your Dog and Show Affection

8 Easy Ways to Pamper Your Dog and Show Affection

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In the average household, it is estimated that 70% of people own a pet, whether it be a dog, a cat, a bird, even a goldfish. Human beings love pets, and they add something to your life that you never knew you were missing. I am a fur baby mom. My pets are my children, and these little creatures are my responsibility. I love to spoil and pamper them every day, especially my dog since cats are well…cats, they have their own minds. But Shiloh is my puppy, my baby, and I love spoiling her with yummy food, toys, and lots of cuddles. I’m sure there are other fur baby mom’s (or dad’s) out there that are the same, and we want to show affection to our pets as much as we can. I came up with 8 different and super easy ways on how you can pamper your dog and show them love on a daily basis!

8 Easy Ways to Pamper Your Dog and Show Affection

Buy a Therapeutic Bed

I know you can purchase a regular dog bed, and those are perfectly fine. But one way to pamper your dog is to buy them a therapeutic bed. These types of beds are higher quality, thicker, and are better for your dogs’ muscles and joints. They are beneficial for puppies as they grow and comfortable for older dogs as they begin to slow down. It is especially suitable for dogs who have joint problems or arthritis. Show your pet some love and give them a comfy place to sleep.

Give Them Treats Regularly + Cook Healthy Food

I love to give treats to Shiloh daily, and give them when she’s been a good girl, obeyed a command or waiting patiently for me to come home. I give her dog specific cookies, but I also reward her with fruit and veggies. Her favourite treats are raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries (she takes after me)! I munch on these daily, so she’ll get a few in between my own snacking.

Shiloh also receives raw bones that I pick up from the butcher shop. Raw meat on bones is healthy for dogs teeth, preventing bad breath, tooth decay, and in a way are cleaning their teeth, too. For hundreds of years, dogs hunted or were given scraps of food from people, so I regularly give her bones and cooked meat.

I also make homemade dog-friendly food for my dog. I cook ground beef, mix in either brown rice or quinoa, and blend broccoli or asparagus in smaller pieces. She loves this because it’s made fresh, is warm, and moist. I’ve heard stories of people who have switched their dogs’ diet from kibble and canned food to raw meat and cooked food diet. Their dogs have recovered from kidney failure, stomach issues, allergies disappear, healing tooth decay, and other illnesses. Dogs eat the same food as humans do, and have for hundreds of years before kibble was created. You wouldn’t want to eat cereal every day for ten years of your life, would you? Treat your pet with some homemade goodies once in a while, they will love you for it!

Get a Portrait Done of  Your Beloved Pet

This point is more for you as the owner, but also a sweet gesture in a way for your pet, but have a drawing or painting created of them! My pets are my children, my fur babies, and if I would have pictures of my real children around my home, I most definitely am doing the same for my fur babies. My lovely friend Brigita drew this beautiful picture of Shiloh, and she did an incredible job! I framed her portrait and placed it on my gallery wall. I love walking by it every day and seeing my beautiful baby girl’s portrait among her other photo’s.

As a special offer to my readers, if you are interested in having a portrait of your beloved pet drawn, Brigita is giving a 10% discount! You can contact her either through her Facebook, Instagram, or e-mail, and mention that Nikki from Girl After Marriage sent you over to get your discount. You will also be receiving the physical and original artwork of the portrait right to your mailbox! She’s open to commissions and is super easy to work with, so definitely check out her amazing artwork!

Website: Brigita Novinec Art
Instagram: @brigitanovinecart
Facebook: Brigita Novinec Art
E-mail: novinec.brigita@gmail.com

8 Easy Ways to Pamper Your Dog and Show Affection

8 Easy Ways to Pamper Your Dog and Show Affection

8 Easy Ways to Pamper Your Dog and Show Affection

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Have a Puppy Toy Box

I’ll be honest, I spoil my dog with toys. I buy her at least one new toy every few weeks. In my defence, though, I only buy them if they are on sale or from the dollar store (I’m not paying $5 for a toy that will be destroyed in less then 20 minutes). I cannot resist bringing home a new squeaky toy or a pull rope for Shiloh. She acts like a little kid on Christmas morning, and she is so happy! If you’re the same as me, get a box to gather all the toys in, and they will grab what they want from it. An easy way to keep the house clean from toys, the same as you would if you have children, right? So pamper your dog and show them some love with a new toy every once in a while.

Take Your Dog on an Adventure

It’s a known responsibility that when you have a dog, you take them on a walk daily. But don’t just take them on walks around the neighbourhood. Show some love and go to local dog parks, wooden area parks with long paths, to the beach, on short road trips, camping, hiking, even just going for a drive! Dogs love going on adventures, sniffing and exploring new environments, so treat them when you can.


8 Easy Ways to Pamper Your Dog and Show Affection

Buy a Rain Coat or Sweater

I’m not a big fan of dressing up dogs in clothes, but I accept it only when it is necessary. Smaller dogs need sweaters or jackets to keep warm in the colder months, and big dogs also need a raincoat to protect them from the heavy rain and snow. Invest in good quality clothing for your pets that will fit them comfortably for the fall and winter seasons. Now that Shiloh is full grown, I’ll be going to my local pet shop and purchase a raincoat for the colder seasons.

Give them Cuddles Often

This one is an obvious way to show affection and pamper your dog. They are like children, and need the same love and care we would give our own. I love giving Shiloh kisses and hugs, and sometimes she returns the gesture. She also loves tummy rubs, and I’m sure almost every dog in the world loves some tummy rubs, so be sure to give your dog some.

Dogs are amazing creatures with such pure hearts. All they know is love, loyalty, and enjoying life to the fullest. They love you so much, so be sure to treat them right and love them back. Remember, pets are a responsibility, so be sure you are ready and prepared to raise and care for them.

8 Easy Ways to Pamper Your Dog and Show Affection

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  • Tami @ The Inspiration Lady


    Love this post! My puppy would be so upset if he didn’t have his toy box, haha. I love the idea of having a portrait done! I definitely need to do that. 🙂

    • Nikki

      Hahaha! Mine, too! It’s such a cute idea! You should definitely do it!

  • Sara @ A Mom and her momtourage


    My pooches have been getting so spoiled lately. Every time the kids go to bed at night they are getting treats, they run downstairs excited every night.

    • Nikki

      Awww!! That’s so adorable!!!

  • Chandler


    I am soooooo on board with spoiling our pooches! I personally have a pretty embarrassing (read impressive) collar collection and make sure my pups are outfitted in the cutest of homemade Etsy fashion….I can only imagine how I’d get carried away with human babies 😅

  • Leslie


    I love my animals too. Since I don’t have kids I am also a fur mom and wouldn’t have it any other way. When my beagle passed away last year (a month after my chinchilla passed away too) I got a kitten but he is so independent, I had no idea. I am always hugging him and kissing him, they are so much company.

  • Deitra Sisk


    Such a gorgoeus portrait! I wish I had a puppy! I grew up with tons of animals but my husband has severe allergies and can’t have any! Luckily I get my puppy love when I visit family! You shared so many great ideas!

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