10 Stay-at-Home Date Night Ideas That You Will Actually Want to Do

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10 Stay-at-Home Date Night Ideas

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10 Stay-at-Home Date Night Ideas That You Will Actually Want to Do

I love going out on dates with my husband, but ever since we got married, we became total homebodies. We prefer staying home with our fur babies curled up on the couch with a bowl of chips, our preferred drinks (beer for him, ice tea for me), and watching Netflix. Even though we haven’t been married for long, all the stay-at-home date nights consisted of just dinner. I decided to brainstorm a few stay-at-home date night ideas that my husband and I would actually want to do ! I thought I would share those ideas with my readers, and maybe even give you some inspiration for stay-at-home date night ideas when planning your own!

Romantic Homemade Dinner

Although going out for dinner sounds like the perfect romantic date, it can sometimes be busy, overcrowded, and in some cases, can get crazy expensive. A romantic dinner from home can be just as better. You and your sweetheart can cook a delicious meal together, drink some wine, light some tealight or scented candles, and if you have it, use the fancy dinnerware.

Indoor or Outdoor Picnic

Depending on where you live in the world and what the weather is like, a simple picnic can be super romantic. Gather together some easy finger foods, sandwiches, granola bars, fruit, maybe even make a salad. Grab a blanket and some pillows and set up your picnic in your backyard, on the balcony/patio, or even in your living room near the fireplace.

10 Stay-at-Home Date Night Ideas That You Will Actually Want to Do

Play Board Games

If you’re the type of couple that enjoys playing board games, then why not  play a few games together. Nothing is more romantic then some healthy competition!

Have a Fondue Night

Purchase a variety of fruits and some chocolate to melt. It can be a chocolate of your choice, semi-sweet chocolate chips, or pure chocolate from the bulk section. To make it romantic, display the fruit around the bowl of chocolate to look decorative. If you want to go the extra mile, add some roses or petals around the plate of the fruit. If you don’t want something sweet, the savory option can be various breads, deli meats, and steamed vegetables, dipped in melted cheese. Yum!

Movie Night

A movie night at home is just as good as going to the movies. Pick a movie the both of you have been wanting to watch together, and grab some snacks, like popcorn, candy, and chips. Get your favourite drink, or make a cup of tea for you and your darling. Even better, pour yourselves a glass of wine if you’re into that.

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Build a Blanket Fort

This honestly sounds like the most fun thing to do for a date night. Gather all the blankets, sheets, and pillows you can find, and start draping it over the couch, chairs, hang it from the ceiling, whatever works for you! If you have an air mattress, fill it up and put it inside the fort. Throw in all the pillows and some fuzzy blankets, turn on Netflix, and cuddle up with your darling. Perhaps you can even turn it into a sleepover and just spend the rest of the night in your little fort.

Write Love Notes to Each Other

If you are an old school or crafty couple, why not write or make some love notes to your sweetheart. The romantic gesture of writing a love note is dying out, or at most, very rare. Why not write how you both feel about the other and exchange them at some point in the evening. Not only will it most likely put a smile on your face, but also be a little memento to keep.

Bake a Dessert Together

It’s fun baking with your mom, sister, or friends, and in some cases, even your significant other. It can be tons of fun and very rewarding baking something sweet from scratch. Plus, the baking process can get very interesting if your partner isn’t a very good baker from the get go.

10 Stay-at-Home Date Night Ideas That You Will Actually Want to Do

Order In

Why not treat yourselves and order from your favourite restaurant! With so many food delivery services available, there are various places to choose from. If the place doesn’t deliver, order ahead of time and pick-it up. You can be casual and eat straight from the take-away containers cuddled on the couch. Or you may actually set the food out on nice dinnerware and have a proper dinner set-up if you want to go that way.

Build a Puzzle

Have one of those giant puzzles that take hours to build? Tackle it together and spend the next few hours putting it together with a glass of wine. You’ll definitely need a drink nearby when having to find that one piece among the other 500!

There are so many other stay-at-home date night ideas, but these are the ones I would personally want to do and sound the most fun! And the great thing about these, is that you can do these with friends, your partner, or even by yourself. I’d love to hear if you got any inspiration and decided to try one of these ideas!

10 Stay-at-Home Date Night Ideas That You Will Actually Want to Do

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