Meet Nikki, The Girl Behind “Girl After Marriage”

Who am I?

Hey! How’s it going? I hope you got a cup of coffee or tea with you. Whether you do or not, doesn’t matter, I’m glad you’re here. My name is Nikki, the girl behind ‘Girl After Marriage’. I am known as ‘wifey’ to my amazing husband, Matt, and mom to our fur babies – our rescue cat, Nala, and our dog, Shiloh. I’m a homemaker 24/7, and out of my many other jobs, is one of my top priorities next to being a wife. I do what all homemaker’s do – managing and caring for my home and everything in it, including my husband, our animals, and all the rooms and tasks that come along with it.

When I’m not doing that, I’m writing about married life. I write about being a young, stay-at-home wife (with no kids), being a biblical wife the way God intended and created for us to be, and modern-day relationships. I also write about traditional homemaking in today’s modern world, along with a few lifestyle topics here and there.

More About Me

I like to think of myself as a glamorous housewife. I love all things vintage, including the lifestyle. To me, the 1950s was the era that shows what a true housewife looked like and all the work she did, so a majority of my inspiration comes from there.

I collect vintage nightwear, mismatched tea sets, accessories, and other little trinkets. You can find me with a latte, ice coffee or a cup of tea almost every day. I love hosting dinners and parties. I always have an open home for anyone that needs a warm, safe place to stay. You can find me in the kitchen cooking up something yummy for dinner or baking some sort of dessert. If I’m not doing that, I’ll be in my beauty room, my favourite space to be in, surrounded by my collection of shoes, handbags, and clothes galore.

The Beginning of Girl After Marriage

You are probably wondering, what exactly is ‘Girl After Marriage’? Well, first off, let me explain where the name came from.

It came about one night when I was visiting my eldest sister, just one of those sisterly late-night talks where we sit and talk about life, how we were personally doing, and how we both wanted to start blogging.

I always wanted to start a blog, I just never knew what my niche could be. What would I even write about? Would anyone even read it? What if I’m wasting my time?” It was because of this fear and these thoughts that I never did pursue my dream of writing for many years.

We somehow ended up on the topic of relationships, specifically dating and marriage, and how it has changed over the last few decades. I did express that I felt that I was looked at as strange or even a little crazy for being a young newlywed in today’s world, even more so when I say I’m a homemaker. It was seen as uncommon and strange.

You see, my husband and I were in a ‘dating with a purpose’ type of relationship, or courtship, and overall just did things a little more traditionally. We also are the first ones in our immediate friend group that bit-the-bullet and decided to get married, since we did not see the point in waiting around a few more years. We felt ready. Because of this, I do get asked a lot of questions about our relationship, about being married, and things related to that, from many, many people. “Don’t you want to enjoy your 20’s? Why are you settling down now? Does that mean you want children right away?”, are just a few of the questions I would get asked.

Also, not only am I a young wife, but I am also a homemaker which you do not hear about at all when it comes to women my age. Usually, when you hear homemaker, you picture a woman who is a little older, has young children, and who decided to be a stay-at-home mom in order to raise her kids.

However, that is not the case for me: I am the complete opposite. I do not have kids to take care of. I totally have the option to go to work, yet I choose not to.

It was starting to become difficult and frustrating for me to explain this choice my husband and I made together, and that yes, I am a stay-at-home wife with no kids. Do you not want to have a career? What do you even do at home? Why don’t you want to work? Are you forced to stay at home?” I get more questions about being a homemaker then I do about getting married young!

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As we sipped our wine and ate some snacks laying around the counter, it was then that my sister literally had a light bulb moment. “Why don’t you write a blog about your dating and marriage journey and about being a housewife in today’s world? You can call it Girl After Marriage”, she said. And at that moment, my eyes lit up and the gears in my brain started to turn.

The Purpose of Girl After Marriage

It. Was. Perfect! I cannot even explain the excitement that flowed through me and the feelings and thoughts that started flowing through my head! I wanted to share with family and friends little glimpses of my married life, for young women to find encouragement and honest advice when searching and waiting for “the one“, and to write about what a biblical, healthy, successful marriage is truly like. I wanted to create a space for other women to find the encouragement and inspiration, to read about the journey of a girl who searched, dreamed, prayed, and waited for her prince charming, and achieved her dream “career”.

My husband calls me a “traditional girl in a modern world”, and that describes me perfectly.

So ‘Girl After Marriage’ was created, a blog where I could write and share about my path towards marriage, this crazy new adventure of being married to my best friend, and about being a traditional homemaker in today’s society. It is a place where other women can learn or relate to what being a wife and homemaker is like, to see that, hey, you’re not alone.

So this is me. Hi, my name is Nikki, the girl behind Girl After Marriage. Follow me, as I turn the page and begin the next chapter of my life, and I’d love to be a part of yours, too.