If you’ve clicked on this post, then we have something in common: feeling like an overwhelmed homemaker. Our mission to accomplish today: becoming a better homemaker.

I get it. Life gets hectic and busy. Your mental ‘to do’ list feels endless. You want to be the best wife and mother you can be, yet you feel as if you’re slowly breaking down on the inside. You feel all over the place, unsure of what to do next or where to even start. I can totally relate, I get those days, too.

I am far from being the “perfect housewife”, as much as I would like to be or might even appear to be to the outside world, I’m not. When it begins getting to that point, where I feel like my life is all over the place, I take a break and slow down. I come up with a new game plan. This includes these 5 simple tips that I remember and do when I begin feeling overwhelmed. It’s my way of restarting, my fresh start to becoming a better homemaker.


5 Tips to Becoming a Better Homemaker When Feeling Overwhelmed

⇒Meal Planning⇐

Meal planning is something an overwhelmed homemaker should do as often as she can. If you’re the frazzled type, rushing around the kitchen wondering what ingredients you have and wondering what you can make for dinner, this tip is definitely for you.

I try to meal plan as often as possible myself. It helps tremendously, especially when I know I will have a busy week. It ends up being a lifesaver! I know what groceries I need for the week (and I am able to stay under a reasonable budget), and I know what I’m cooking for dinner every night. I have time to work, do housework, and go about my day stress-free. All I have to do is stop what I’m doing once I hear my husband is on his way home, and get to cooking!

⇒Declutter and Organize⇐

Dedicate a day each month decluttering. It can be anything from old receipts to past paid bills, to unworn or out-of-style clothing. Organize drawers and kitchen cabinets, wherever random things get shoved in without being properly put away. Rearrange the linen closet or clean out the laundry room.

When everything has a place and is in its proper home, your mind with begin to feel at ease. Personally, I can focus more on the important tasks of homemaking or on my business whenever I organize or declutter my home. And you are cleaning along as you go!

⇒Create a Schedule⇐

This is old advice, but a simple thing you can do in becoming a better homemaker is making a schedule. Whether you write it down in a planner, giant calendar, or just make a mental note, you have a rough plan for what you will end up doing on each day for the week.

⇒Consistency is Key⇐

Having a routine and staying consistent is also a key tip in helping overwhelmed homemaker’s put their mind at ease. It doesn’t have to be set in stone. Don’t worry if your routine changes or things don’t go according to plan. You never know what the next day, week, or month will look like. However, just having a few routines, whether it be making your bed every morning or having an evening routine, becomes a comfort since it is a regular occurrence and familiarity.

⇒Quiet Time⇐

My favourite tip of all is finding a bit of quiet time. Sometimes all a woman needs is to go into a quiet zone and relax. Even for just 15 minutes, getting away from the hustle and bustle, re-energize, take a breather, give yourself a spa night or read a book. Whatever makes you relax and forget about the real world for a little while. Homemaking is a 24/7 career, so be sure to get some breaks in there somewhere!


A reminder to all homemaker’s: you are not alone. We all feel overwhelmed at times, some more than others. But at the end of the day, we’re a community of women running our own household, raising a family, taking care of our animals, and working on having a successful relationship. It isn’t easy. But the fact that we are doing it despite how exhausting it can become, shows how strong we are as women, that we can tackle anything thrown our way.

Becoming a better homemaker is no overnight accomplishment, but today is a time to get that ball rolling. Be patient with yourself.

Keep going, you’ve got this.

(Revised: 6.12.2019)

5 Tips to Becoming a Better Homemaker When Feeling Overwhelmed

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