10 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Beautiful for Summer on a Budget

10 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Beautiful for Summer on a Budget

It’s almost summer, and if you’re like me, it’s time to re-decorate and get your home summer ready!

Since the previous summer consisted of moving, getting married, and completing the furnishings and organizing our home, it means that I can just focus on the decorating part this summer. But that doesn’t mean that you and I need to run out and buy brand new, expensive decor. No, we are going to do it on a budget!

In this post, you will find out how you can make your home beautiful and summer-ready in 10 easy ways on a budget.

10 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Beautiful for Summer on a Budget

10 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Beautiful for Summer on a Budget

⇒Scented Candles⇐

When you think of candles, you probably automatically think of autumn weather – cozy scents, sweet vanilla, or pumpkin spice. But candles can definitely be used for the warmer seasons, too. There are so many tropical, floral, fruity, or ocean scents out there. Lighting one in the kitchen or living room can add that summer vibe in the house.

⇒Create a Gallery Wall⇐

Add some new photos around the house or create a gallery wall! I recently started a gallery wall, and I’m happy to say it is almost complete! A majority of the frames I bought either from the dollar store or Walmart, so they were very affordable. Only a few of the larger photo frames were a bit on the pricey side because they are more unique looking and decorative than a basic photo frame. I also purchased wall stickers that I found from the dollar store and placed those into the smaller spaces of the wall.

⇒Light Throw Blankets⇐

Have a few throw blankets at your disposal for those chilly summer evenings. Now that my patio set up is completed, you bet that I’m covering it in pillows and blankets. I plan on finding a giant basket to place the blankets in and make it easy access for any guests we have over. You can also do this in your living room or bedroom.

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⇒Fresh Flowers⇐

Place fresh flowers in a vase! You can find some cheap ones at local grocery stores, or even pick some from your garden! They brighten up the room without costing a fortune.

⇒Add More Greenery⇐

Apart from having flowers in a vase, have some potted, living plants in your house. Yes, you will have to water them and make sure they do not die, but the greenery will add such a summer vibe in your home. If you are scared of killing your plants, buy succulents instead. They do not require to be watered as often and last for a long time.

If you’re not really into having live plants in your home, opt-in for some fake ones instead. If you thoroughly search, some dollar stores have fake succulents. However, I noticed that when they are gone, they are gone! So if you see any that are cheap or on sale, go for it!

⇒Create a Mason Jar Herb Garden⇐

A neat idea I spotted floating around Pinterest was creating a herb garden in mason jars. You can place these on your window sill or near your kitchen, and watch your little herbs grow! I’m thinking of doing this with my left over chive seeds, and watch my little veggies grow right in front of my eyes.

10 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Beautiful for Summer on a Budget

⇒A Wreath on the Door⇐

No, I don’t mean a Christmas wreath, but a floral wreath. It looks so cute and welcoming, and it shows any guests that are coming to visit that you care about your home, even your front door.

Sometimes wreaths can be quite expensive, but you can DIY your own! I purchased a bunch of fake flowers from Michaels craft store when they were on sale (so keep an eye out for that), and found a circular, plain wooden wreath. I arranged my flowers the way I wanted and started gluing! You can also go to your local dollar store to stay under a specific budget if craft stores are too pricey. There are tons of ideas on Pinterest, so search on there if you want inspiration.

⇒Accent Throw Pillows⇐

I love throw pillows! I have loads of them! But I don’t buy multiple individual pillows, because where would I store all the seasonal ones? Not only that, it can get expensive! Instead, I buy pillow fillers for $5-10 from IKEA, and I buy pillow cases online. With the price of the filler and the case, you can easily put together a pillow for less than $10, which is so cheap compared to buying 1 pillow for $15-$30!

If you’re the crafty type, sew your own pillow cases with a fabric of your choice. You’ll have one-of-a-kind pillows that no one else will have.

⇒Always Have Baked Goods Available⇐

Have something homemade on your kitchen counter readily available for anyone that would like something yummy to snack on. I try and have muffins or cookies out for my hubby, I’m almost always prepared for unexpected guests (which happens often)!

⇒Ocean Themed Terrarium⇐

Here’s another summer decor idea for you crafty people out there – an ocean themed terrarium! I love the ones with plants, but I hardly ever find any other options. I think an ocean terrarium would be super cute in the bathroom or if you have an ocean themed room in your home. All the supplies can be found at the dollar store or your local craft store (sand, seashells, fishbowl gem rocks, bowl, etc.)

If you want to really be on a budget, go to your local beach and search for empty seashells (make sure no one is living in it), driftwood, rocks, sand, and my favourite thing to do, look for sand dollars. This could also be a fun family project and include your kids in the search. They will have a ton of fun running up and down the beach, and once home, you can create the terrarium together.

And there you have it! I’d love to hear if you have any other budget-friendly ideas to get your home summer ready! You might just be inspiring me instead!

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  • Bailey


    Greenery is my favorite way to brighten up a summer space! Love these ideas.

  • Jennifer Love


    Oooh I want to try the mason jar herb garden! Beautiful tips!

    • Nikki

      Thank you!

  • Alexis


    These are all great tips! I’m all about having fresh/faux flowers and greenery throughout my house. Light throws are so perfect for when the air conditioning gets to be too much. A gallery wall is definitely something our house needs!

  • Haley


    So many great ideas! Can’t wait to use them!

  • Asma


    These are some really good ideas. I love indoor plants. They give such a nice feel.

    • Nikki

      Thanks! I feel the same 🙂 They just add something to a room!

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