Mother’s Day Maternity Photoshoot

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With everything going on in the world, I was not sure for a while if a maternity shoot would be possible for us. I had already made peace of not being able to have a baby shower, although it would have been more casual and more backyard BBQ rather than playing games and opening gifts, so I wasn’t too upset about that. However, I’m a sentimental person, and that means I adore photos more than anything.

Would I not be able to properly document my first pregnancy the way I wanted? Would I have to come up with another plan to take photos, even just a few? I mean, if I had to set-up my phone on a tripod I would, but there was so much uncertainty for a while on whether or not this photoshoot would occur and if I would have to come up with a plan B.

Fortunately, our friend, Oliver, who is an inspiring photographer and who did our announcement photos, as well as our gender reveal video and photos (check him out at Oliveryaumedia on Instagram or at said he was still interested in doing maternity photos for us. Bless!

As I was thinking of various locations we could have a “social distance” photoshoot, Oliver messaged me saying that our original location, Van Dusen Gardens in Vancouver, was reopening at the start of May! I couldn’t believe it! I had also made peace with the fact that our photoshoot would not occur there, despite it having such a special place in my heart.

Was it the universe hearing my desire? Was it God seeing how hard the past few weeks for me have been, being pregnant during a pandemic and dealing with the uncertainty of so many things, that He somehow made it happen in perfect timing? I don’t know, but obviously, it was meant to be!

We arranged a date and time, purchased our tickets, and the photoshoot was a go!

It was such a warm, sunny day, and the weekend of Mother’s day, too! We had so much fun, and I absolutely love how real and raw Matt and I look, how candid, carefree, and so in love we are.

As I said, being a sentimental person, I printed these images out instantly, shared a few on social media, and added the best ones to our baby’s scrapbook that I have been putting together the past few weeks. Here are a few of my absolute favourite photo’s from the shoot. Enjoy!


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