Newlywed Wife: 3 Months of Marriage

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Newlywed Wife

The first three months of marriage as a newlywed wife was both amazing and challenging. If I had to put a percentage on those two things, I would say it was 95% amazing and 5% a challenge. I was (and still am) in a daydream, in awe that I married my prince charming this past summer.

Newlywed Wife: 3 Months of Marriage

⇒The Beginning of Becoming a Housewife⇐

After our honeymoon, it was time to jump into our brand new roles as husband and wife. This was the time I was fully becoming accustomed to my role as a housewife. I figured out what my routine was, continued organizing the house, and ended up discovering how much I loved being a housewife! I always wanted to be a stay-at-home wife and dreamed of the day I would be able to do so.

When Matt was on board from the beginning, I was thrilled! But I didn’t know if I would like it or not in the long term. I thought that I would get bored staying at home, and would want to go back to work part-time. However, by the end of the summer, I knew I wasn’t going back. I had found my path in life and felt that this was where God intended for me to be. It is a position I am blessed to be in and take quite seriously. The role of a housewife never ends. It is a 24/7 job, which I do not mind one bit.

With so much time freedom, I was able to schedule my week out and find my daily and weekly routine. It took me a while to see what worked for me. There were plenty of trial and errors. Luckily, after a couple of weeks, I finally figured out how to keep myself organized and stay productive.

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⇒The Amazing Parts⇐


During these 3 months, I also discovered how much I loved hosting! We regularly had people over for dinner and invited friends to hang out on the weekend. Now that we had our own place and no longer had to worry about other family members being around, we would have friends over every other weekend! I worked hard during this time to create a warm and welcoming home, not only for Matt and myself but also for anyone who would visit. I wanted them to know our home was open to them if they wanted to come by.

Happy House, Happy Spouse

The best part, however, of these 3 months, was the end of every day when my husband would be on his way home from work. I loved knowing that Matt would come home to a clean house and a homemade dinner ready on the table. What husband doesn’t enjoy that? I felt like this showed him that I was doing my part as a homemaker and as a wife. He never failed (and still does) to thank me every day that I did a good job, and that I made our home cozy and filled with love. He would then tell me about his day, I would tell him about mine. Every time we would praise each other for the hard work we both did that contributed to our way of living – him for working hard in making money to provide for our family and me for running the household.

The Dream Come True

When we were dating, it was hard to be apart with our different schedules. We were lucky if we were able to see each other more than once a week. We yearned for the day we could live together and no longer have to miss the other.

Now that we are, it is the best thing ever! Every little moment together is incredible. Things we did when we were dating, suddenly mean so much more to me. The good morning and goodnight texts we exchanged when dating, turned into a kiss hello/goodbye and a kiss goodnight. The shows that we watched on our own time we could now watch together. Our weekends no longer consisted of one of us working, unable to see each other till evening, but us sleeping in and cooking breakfast together.

We were no longer just dreaming ‘what ifs’ about the future, but talking and planning. About the car we eventually want to buy, the trips we want to plan, the house we want to invest in and build together, and the babies we will one day have. It became all real, and we are so excited that we began this chapter of our lives together.

It’s the little moments that remind me how thankful and blessed I am that God created this man just for me, and I for him, and the love that he has allowed to grow between us. Whenever I look over at my husband, I think to myself that I am the luckiest girl in the world. I thought of the amount of time I dreamed and prayed about this time in my life and when it would happen. Here I am, at last.

Newlywed Wife: 3 Months of Marriage

⇒The Challenging Parts⇐

Lifestyle Changes

The challenging part was getting used to the other’s way of living – the little things such as habits and routines. This is understandable since we did not live with each other before getting married. However, we never got frustrated with the other or threw a fit, or even raised our voice. If there was something we didn’t like that the other was doing, it wasn’t hard to nicely bring it up and let them know something they did was bothersome.

We would say things such as “Babe, can you reset the microwave so I can see the time and not leave it at 2 seconds?”, or “Can you put your dirty dishes in the dishwasher instead of leaving them around?”. Even, “Is it that hard to put the cap back on your toothpaste after you brush your teeth?” Those are straightforward examples, but real conversations we had with each other. It took less than a minute to bring up and explain why one person thought it was a habit that could be changed, and only a couple of tries for the other to try and break it.

Otherwise, living together is so easy and effortless. Life has become a lot more interesting ever since I moved in with this man (never had brothers, so it is a new experience living with a young man for me)!

I know I made it sound like all smiles and rainbows, but this is what the first 3 months of married life was like for me. Maybe some of you can relate, or some cannot wait to experience this for yourself when your time comes! Yes, marriage is a challenge, and I’m sure in the future it will be.  Until then, I’m going enjoy the times where marriage is exciting, full of joy and true love.

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Newlywed Wife 3 Months of Marriage

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