Newlywed Wife: 9 Months of Marriage

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Newlywed Wife: 9 Months of Marriage

Where has the time gone? I feel as if Matt and I got married yesterday. Our newlywed life is still as blissful as ever!

Not much has been going on for us newlyweds, just taking things day by day as Matt always says. Our fur babies are growing and are happy and healthy. Matt is doing more in the family business, learning each day and preparing for when he will take over.

As for me, I’m still working on my blog and getting our home ready for the spring season. The winter clothes are packed away, the decor and thick throw blankets put back into storage. There are more floral arrangements on tables, citrus candles are lit, and windows are open. I went into full spring cleaning mode throughout the entire house, too.

Newlywed Wife: 9 Months of Marriage

Newlywed Wife: 9 Months of Marriage
(What Married Life Is Really Like)

⇒Spring Season Preparation⇐

Since I took care of the inside of the house, Matt was responsible for taking care of the outside. The outside of our home needed lots of maintenance after the harsh winter. With the snow melted and the rain at bay for a while, we began construction on our patio and garden. It was a good time to get to work since we had nothing planned for the Spring travel-wise, so the plan was to get a majority of what we could, finished before Summer came into full swing.

Goodbye to old, ugly concrete, goodbye to ugly garden box with random trees and plants, and hello to beautiful charcoal pavers! It looks so much better, which makes this housewife very happy and no longer embarrassed to host guests on the patio.

Soon after completion, we bought a patio set, which makes the whole set-up even more beautiful and enjoyable to sit outside with a cup of tea and a book to read.

Matt also built a giant garden box on the second level of our backyard. We plan on growing our own veggies and trying out if either of us has a green thumb. Here’s hoping that we grow something!

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⇒Our First Marriage Dispute⇐

Our marriage continues to thrive, but we do have our days here and there. As I always say, no marriage is perfect and it truly is work.

We had one of our first marital disputes over finances and lack of communication when tax season rolled around. To make a long story short (and to keep some of our life private), there was a lack of communication and family interfering going on without the other knowing.

When we realized there was no resolution in sight, we parted ways to think things over on our own. It was maybe an hour or so later we came to a solution and worked things out. We agreed that there was no more hiding and letting family interfere with things that should be between us as a couple, especially with finances.

As grown adults, we have to handle things ourselves first before asking for help or advice. We learned a lot during this time, and we’ve become wiser because of it.

Do I wish we never had to deal with this situation? Of course! There wouldn’t be any sadness, confusion, and annoyance involved.

I’m I glad we did? Definitely. This was a great opportunity for us to test our communication skills in a stressful situation as a newlywed couple.

This problem that arose opened my eyes to the realization that our communication wasn’t as strong as I thought it was. There was still a lot of work and effort that could be done. No matter how strong it is in the moment, it can only get better every day!

I’m also pleased with the way we approached the situation, as it could have been much worse. I went with a more gentle approach about how I was feeling and what I thought he did was wrong, and Matt, although at first resisted and thought what he did was the right decision at the time, realized that he did not consider my feelings or thoughts. As his wife, I should be able to either add my own opinion, agree with his decision, or make a plan and work together.

There was no big blow up, no yelling, no throwing of objects. We spoke like civil adults and worked things out maturely.

I hope this shows that even those perfect couples you may see on social media, especially myself since I’m a relationship blogger, that we also have our moments of miscommunication and problems within our marriages. But the most important thing is that any problem, no matter how big or small, can be resolved with a little communication, acting like mature adults, and with the knowledge that at the end of the day, we truly do love each other.

Newlywed Wife: 9 Months of Marriage

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