Preparing for Your First Home: A Beginners Guide & Tips for Moving Out

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Preparing for Your First Home

For my entire life, I have lived at home. I didn’t even move out when I went to college. And I also knew I didn’t want to move out to live with a man until I was married.

Not only did I make this choice because of the way I was raised, but I am also quite traditional. Moving in with my boyfriend/fiancé beforehand was never something on my mind until I had a ring on my finger and a wedding date set.

Preparing for Your First Home

Preparing for Your First Home: A Beginners Guide & Tips for Moving Out 

Once the excitement of getting engaged to the man of my dreams simmered down, it hit me. I would be moving out for the first time, with a man, who would also be my husband, very soon.

It’s safe to say I had a surge of emotions flow through me: shock, excitement, fear, happiness. I was a mess of emotions.

Since we hired a wedding planner, I didn’t need to worry about the wedding planning process so much. This meant all my focus was on preparing to move out and into our first home together.

This advice is not just for newlyweds. It’s for everyone and anyone moving into their first home. Whatever your situation is or what stage of life you are in, moving out is a big deal.

⇒Buy Ahead of Time⇐

This is something I was doing before even getting engaged, some timeless advice my mother gave me. She told me to buy everything I would want or need in my new home ahead of time, especially if it was something I really wanted. It made sense, and I was so glad I listened to her.

Buying everything ahead of time was so helpful. By the time moving day came, we had everything ready. This made things super easy for us and we didn’t worry about whether or not we had a can opener, cleaning supplies, or even toilet paper.

⇒Buy with Purpose + Checklists⇐

Since it was a fresh start for me, I went for a minimalist approach. I only wanted to purchase items we would need and use often. In order to avoid duplicates, or to not forget what I needed or already had, I wrote out a checklist. From furniture to kitchen utensils, even miscellaneous items, I wrote a list for every category.

Checklists are your best friend when it comes to moving. It helps you avoid duplicates and remind yourself of what items are missing and still have to purchase.

⇒Pack Early⇐

I started packing early, like 3 months before the wedding early. I did this because I was working full-time and had so much going on in my life, that leaving packing till last minute would be too stressful for me. Whenever I had a free moment, I was slowly putting things in boxes.

By the time move in day came, I wasn’t scrounging to pack last minute. Everything was stacked, labelled, and ready to go.

Also, I recommend collecting cardboard boxes early, too. I worked in a small town in a little boutique, so they always had leftover boxes from shipments. I even went as far as going to other stores and asking if they had boxes to spare. Many were more than happy to allow me to take their trash! It was cheaper (basically free!) to do this then having to purchase cardboard boxes from moving or packing companies.

Preparing for Your First Home

⇒Know Where to Spend Your Money⇐

When I was on the hunt for the small basic things, checking things off my list as I went, I would go where any young person would go when they are on a budget: The Dollar Store. Things we needed for the kitchen and organization supplies were purchased from the dollar store.

I compared prices at other stores beforehand to make sure I was making a smart purchase, and also ended up spending a little more money on certain items for higher quality.

So be wise and do your research ahead of time. See where to go before shopping for specific items. Know what is worth buying at a cheaper price and what to spend more money on.

⇒Put Everything Away in its Proper Place⇐

As soon as I got the keys and boxes moved in, I started unpacking room by room, putting things where I knew I would like them. By this time, I had already left my job, so I had lots of time freedom to settle in.

If possible, do not procrastinate on unpacking. Get it done! Otherwise, you’ll have unpacked boxes sitting around your house for who knows how long.

They will only be in your way, and you will stare at the pile of boxes, wondering when its contents will be taken out. It is best to just tackle the task as soon as possible.

And you definitely don’t want to dig through boxes searching for something you absolutely need, only to give up and go out and buy it, then find it a month later.

Preparing for Your First Home

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⇒Make it Your Home Right From the Beginning⇐

For some who are moving out for the first time, it can be emotional.

I’ll be honest, I cried a little on the first night. It was a brand new environment, and my whole life changed in an instant. I was homesick for my old room, my old home, and my old life in a way. Even for the first few months, I kept thinking that I would move back home.

Then one day, my mind finally woke up from its dreamy daze. I realized that this was my life now and that I was truly happy. I didn’t want to go back to my parent’s house. It was time to let go of the past and look forward to the future.

What helped with that homesick feeling and yearning for my old home, was that I made this new place my home right from the beginning. I had the kitchen I always wanted with cute appliances and a coffee bar. I finally got my own pink, dreamy, beauty room filled with all the things I love and adore. And I got a new bedroom decorated not only for myself but also my new husband.

It’s okay to be a little homesick and a little sad at first. Understand that over time it will get better and that everything will be okay. Trust me.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to take some of my advice and apply it for when it is your time to move, whether it’s your first home, second or third, or sharing an apartment with a girlfriend or your fiance. Whatever it may be, I wish you the best of luck on your new adventure.

Preparing for Your First Home

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