The Secret Pregnancy of Baby #2

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Surprise! We’re expecting baby #2 in….August! Yes, I am going to have another baby very soon!

We didn’t tell our family until I was 20 weeks along. And I never announced it anywhere online for friends and distant family to see, so every time someone saw me, I was visually pregnant. That, or they heard through word of mouth.

And I’ll admit, it was fun. We did the whole early announcement when we were expecting our first, so this time around we decided to keep the news to ourselves for a little while, and it’s been so peaceful being able to enjoy this pregnancy in privacy, and not feeling obligated to answer people’s questions, unsolicited advice, or unwanted comments in general. 

We decided not to find out the gender this time around, too, so we could be having another little girl or a little boy. Either one is fine with us, we don’t have a preference at all.

We are super excited for this new little person to join our family, and I thank God daily for keeping us safe and healthy this far. Stay tuned to find out the gender and our name reveal!

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