How To Transition Into Being a Full-Time Housewife

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So you want to quit your job and become a full-time housewife, but you’re not sure where to start. Is there a way to go about it? When is the right time? Do I need a reason to become a full-time housewife?

Obviously, there is no right or wrong way to becoming a full-time housewife, but if you are one of the few women who are unsure of where to begin or how to go about it, then this post is for you. And don’t worry, it’s not as difficult as you might think.

**PLEASE NOTE: I understand that not all women are able to stay home full-time, whether you’re a single mom, financially burdened and need two incomes, or your spouse cannot work and you are the sole provider. There are those of you who do not have a choice but to work, and I 100 percent support you. Please do not be offended.**

How To Transition Into Being a Full-Time Housewife

Do You Need a Particular Reason, Such as Having Children, to Become a Housewife?

No, you absolutely do not. Most women think that this path in life can be achieved once you have children, but that’s not true. You can totally become a housewife without children, and there is no one particular reason you must have when wanting to transition into homemaking.

It can be as simple as desiring to be a more attentive wife and using all your time and energy into running your household and caring for your husband.

It could be that you have absolutely no desire to career chase and want to work on your own side business.

Even saying that it has been a dream of yours since you were a little girl is totally acceptable, and you do not want to wait any longer.

Whatever your “reason” is, know that there is no right or wrong answer or that you need to have children to become a housewife. No one will deny you in joining the “homemaker club”. Judged, maybe (we will get into that later), but not denied.

Where Do I Start?

Whether you are engaged or married, I recommend that you bring up the topic with your partner. This is a decision that should be made between the both of you.

Discuss how you’re feeling, whether it be about your work environment, or that you don’t see yourself wanting to chase a career, and that you feel that your energy and time would be best used towards your home and family.

Do some research beforehand on your finances. What would it look like if you went on one income all of sudden? What would you do to save money? Will you be working part-time instead? Change jobs for something simpler? Start a side hustle? What do you plan on doing while being at home? What would that look like? Dinner on the table every night, laundry is done, children are taken care of, etc.

Have all these topics organized so when you begin discussing with your husband, you have something to present to him and show him, “Look, we can actually save money by me staying home. I can raise any children we will have by adjusting and creating a routine now instead of later. You won’t have to worry about what is going on at home because I will take care of it all. This is my domain and you can just focus on work.”

This is what I presented to my husband, and to him, it made perfect sense. This was also my opportunity to turn my words and promises into actions, and once he saw the results, he knew we made the right decision.

What About Work?

If you desire to continue working part-time, you can definitely do that. Or perhaps you could work someplace less stressful if your current place of employment is not a healthy environment for you.

Some stay-at-home wives have small businesses such as blogging, youtube, writing, run Etsy shops and sell at farmers markets. Others work part-time outside the home at coffee shops, boutiques, babysit for friends or neighbours, or volunteer their time at church. Some women are truly happy only being a wife and/or mom. Both are fine! There is no right or wrong in this case.

Remember that just because you are home full-time, doesn’t mean you cannot earn money and still contribute financially if you wish to. But if you don’t, that’s fine, too!

What Do I Do About the Push Back?

The unfortunate reality of transitioning into full-time homemaking is that people will judge and may even look down on you for doing so.

Being modern-day homemakers is considered a rarity these days, so it’s fair for people to be a little judgemental and questionable, especially when there are no children involved (yet).

If you were to say you are a stay-at-home mom, no one would bat an eye. They might ask if you’d go back to work after your baby is grown and use a day-care service. If you say no, the conversation is usually over and done with, which to me shows that stay-at-home moms are given a little more respect.

However, when there are no children, you will be questioned more thoroughly.

“Why won’t you work? Are you having kids now? Wow, you must be rich to be able to stay home. Are you just taking a break and going back to work in a few months? What’s your reasoning for staying home?”

People feel that they have this right to interrogate you on your choice to stay home, which isn’t right. It’s no one else’s concern or business what goes on in your home. You don’t need to explain yourself to ANYONE!

Saying things such as, “Because it works best for us and I love it! Homemaking is my career! It’s my calling in life! Oh, my husband doesn’t want me to work because I do so much at home!”, is the best response you can give to any negativity thrown your way.

Eventually, you will grow quite a backbone to these questions and learn to shrug off the negative responses and just smile. At the end of the day, it’s your life and a decision made between you and your husband.

I’m Scared of Feeling Alone

We truly are a rare kind of woman as cliche as that sounds. But I can confidently say, we are not alone – YOU are not alone! Never think you are by yourself in this journey of becoming a homemaker.

I felt alone at first, too, which is why I started this blog in the first place, and because of it, I have met so many other young wives, other homemakers, with and without kids, who truly believe that this is their calling in life and love it! We love the work we do in our home and the energy we put into our family.

The great thing about the internet is that there are online communities that you can join and be surrounded by like-minded women if you don’t have much support around you.

Just Go For It!

If becoming a full-time homemaker is something you have dreamed about for a while, and you truly think this is the path you wish to take and it is financially doable, then do not hesitate and just go for it!

If you’re still unsure, dip your toes in and get a taste of it first by working part-time, just to see how much you can do in your free time being at home and if you truly enjoy it.

Quit your job and go for a 3-month trial run for a season and see if you are happy and what your finances look like during that time, something my husband and I did and we found it worked for us with me staying home.

Or just quit altogether and never look back.

During this time, figure out your routine, write out a weekly schedule, find a hobby or learn a new skill that will benefit you and your family.

Life is too short to waste time dreaming and wondering what it would be like or if it’s something truly for you. If the opportunity presents itself, then jump in head first!

It’s truly amazing what you can do with the time you are given and the benefits it can add to your marriage, as well as the foundation you are building for yourself and your future family.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. It’s no one else’s concern why you stay home, and you don’t need to explain yourself either. If it works for you and your husband, and as long as he is on board with you staying home, then what’s stopping you?

How to Transition Into Being a Full Time Housewife

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  • Mariesa Nielsen 4 years ago Reply

    I love your blogs. I am a new housewife, and I enjoy it. I’m also a military wife, and we are frequently moving, meaning every year, so it’s been hard to want to find a job. I really look forward to being a mother someday. Although it’s not going to be the easiest job, I feel like I’d be a great one❤

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